Fight Back Against "Surprise Billing"

On behalf of Wolf Popper LLP

If you believe you've been charged an exorbitant fee for lab tests, you're not alone. In the ever-shifting landscape of healthcare billing, many patients are experiencing what is known as "surprise billing," - which is basically sticker shock for medical procedures, lab costs or other charges. In many cases, medical providers are charging insurers one rate for procedures and other services, and then turning around and charging patients a much higher rate for the portion of those services that insurance won't cover. Patients are then left on their own, with little to no negotiating power, held responsible for highly inflated bills that contain little to no information about what the patient is even paying for.

Recently, Wolf Popper LLP, filed two suits on behalf of classes of consumers against Quest Diagnostics Inc. and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) concerning their unfair practices of charging patients a much higher rate for services than they charge third party institutions like insurance companies, with whom they have negotiated rates. These predatory practices take advantage of the limited-to-nonexistent bargaining power of individual patients, squeezing those who can least afford it to enhance their own bottom line. If you believe you have been subjected to similar billing tactics by Quest or LabCorp, please contact Robert C. Finkel, Esq. at 877.370.7703 or at, or contact Wolf Popper LLP through its web site.

Being unfairly charged exorbitant fees can have a cascade of negative effects on your life. As outlined in this article from The New York Times, unfair billing practices can put your property at risk, destroy your credit, and endanger your retirement or college savings. And it can be difficult for individual patients to even get the information they need to figure out what they're being billed for. This is why it's essential to contact a lawyer to help you evaluate your bills to determine if you've been charged inappropriately.

No one deserves to have their life destroyed by unscrupulous billing practices. Before you file bankruptcy or hand over your life's savings for a bill you don't understand, call Wolf Popper LLP and explore your options.